GRUMI blocks are fun, during which no one gets bored. The blocks will provide creative play for many years.


GRUMI is simplicity, but with a hidden fantasy that wonderfully unleashes the creativity of younger and older children.


Playing with GRUMI trains patience, concentration, focus, exercises motivation and perseverance. It's great training for kids in important skills.


GRUMI trains children's memory, attention, perceptiveness and logical thinking in a friendly and fun way.


Our blocks are made of natural wood obtained from ecological forest resources. Their quality is verified at each stage of production.

100% SAFE

The wood used to make GRUMI blocks is particularly resistant to delamination and cracking. Blocks are a safe product that complies with CE standards.

Grumi blocks is a kind of toy that never gets boring

Wooden blocks, perfectly made, are suitable for children of all ages

Grumi bricks develop a variety of skills in children

Concept for blocks developed by child educators and education practitioners
An interesting time for children and parents. Who among us, adults, doesn't remember magical moments from our childhood, when time seemed to stop and fun was completely absorbing?

Who didn't love blocks - seemingly ordinary, wooden, but thus perfectly fitting into thousands of ideas for constructions or buildings?

Isn't that the kind of memories and fun we want for our own children?

Play is a child's life. Through play, the child learns about the world, becomes familiar with the unknown, and satisfies his/her curiosity and need for activity. Children's play is accompanied by emotions, personality is built, imagination and sensitivity are formed.

GRUMI is a smart, multi-functional and creative toy. Ordinary wooden blocks, perfectly made, adapted to the capabilities of a child of any age, allow you to use them in an interesting and absorbing play.

Children create, discover, and grow with GRUMI blocks. GRUMI is a play where nobody can get bored.

The plays have great educational value. They teach children new skills that are useful in kindergarten, school and later in life.

GRUMI blocks provide many unique opportunities for use when teaching the youngest children.

Playing with them in a friendly way trains memory, attention, perceptiveness, concentration. While constructing with GRUMI, the youngest children develop mental processes: logical thinking, classifying, comparing, analyzing, estimating.

Using GRUMI blocks we can effectively prepare for learning to read and write: count letters, syllables, words and sentences with their help. While making precise constructions, children will improve manual skills, precision of movements, patience, accuracy - useful in learning to write.

As they build, toddlers practice addition and subtraction on their own. They assess space, improve construction skills, and develop geometric skills that will be used in later educational stages, especially in math classes.

During musical games, GRUMI can be used to visualize rhythms, create patterns, or used as simple percussion instruments.

Playing together in a group is an opportunity for children to develop social skills: communication, cooperation, planning, task division, negotiation, compromise.

GRUMI is not only free play, it is also involuntary learning. They provide opportunities for comprehensive and harmonious development of each child regardless of age and individual abilities. They also allow children's diverse abilities and talents to be discovered and developed.

Creativity is creating something new, interesting, original. Thanks to creativity we are inventive, we come up with original solutions, we are able to cope even with difficult problems.

All children are creative. They just need to be given a chance to develop their abilities by playing with creative toys. This is the opportunity provided by the blocks. The child can make anything out of them that his/her imagination suggests. And this one is unlimited....

GRUMI wooden blocks are, above all, simplicity, but with a hidden fantasy that wonderfully unleashes the creativity of children and adults. They are effective in stimulating the imagination and inspiring one's own building experiments. Toddlers will make the simplest structures to start with. Older kids are sure to be attracted by the endless architectural possibilities. Adults will enjoy conjuring up amazing structures.

By showing your child the surrounding world, you foster his/her curiosity, originality and thinking. Give him or her GRUMI blocks - a toy that your creative unique child will love. Let him/her understand that he/she is smart and that he/she can do a lot, while persistence in realizing ideas and dreams leads to fulfillment and satisfaction.

GRUMI - Wood with fantasy


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