Quality, safety, ecology

The simplest is best

In the era of advanced technology, variety and richness of forms we propose a return to the best traditions of toy-making - blocks of uncomplicated shape, natural colors, made of ecological materials.

The simple shape of the wood allows for fanciful ideas and original realizations. Both children and adults can play with it.

GRUMI blocks are packed in a practical adjustable wooden box. Depending on the number of blocks, the box comes in mini and maxi sizes. Alternatively, we also offer a useful bag that allows for quick and efficient organization of toys when playtime is over.

How Grumi blocks are made

Welcome to our small family-owned carpentry shop. We want to show you how GRUMI blocks are made.

Our blocks are made of specially selected FSC-certified wood.

Beech planks measured and cut are waiting for final cutting and sanding.

Each block is cut individually...

...and each carefully sanded to be smooth, nice to the touch, and super safe for kids.

All blocks are thoroughly inspected.

Only the best ones will end up in your hands.


The most important - safety

The wood used to make GRUMI blocks is particularly resistant to delamination and cracking. This helps to protect children as much as possible from the risk of injury during play. For this purpose, the blocks are subjected to numerous quality tests, so that the kids get a safe and durable product that will successfully serve the next generations.

For the environment

GRUMI blocks are made with special attention to ecology. The wood used in their manufacture is harvested in accordance with the standards of economic forest management.

GRUMI are eco-friendly. When playing with these blocks, children learn the idea of ecology and the advantages of natural materials. The origin of the wood from which the blocks are made has been 100% FSC certified, which means that forest management standards ensure responsible production and consumption of wood products for the benefit of people and the environment.

The toys are made in Poland.

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