The idea of creating and using GRUMI blocks in play and education was developed by experienced educators, practitioners of education, sensitive to children's needs, understanding parents and teachers.


Our idea is to provide a toy, beautiful in its simplicity, that will absorb children and offer them a fantastic world of play. At the same time, it will smartly allow the youngest to develop harmoniously, improve their skills and inspire them to creative activities.

We want parents to be able to observe the joyful play of their children.
We want teachers and educators to have the opportunity to support their pupils in their comprehensive development with the help of GRUMI.

GRUMI blocks are a great idea for wonderful fun, engaging children of all ages.

GRUMI in a kindergarten, school or day care center supports the teacher, allows him or her to get to know children in various educational situations, activate creative activities, inspire cooperation.

GRUMI means activity, joy, enthusiasm, inventiveness, creativity and a great time. For all of us...

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